Missing Teeth Replacement


Dentures are removable appliances which are used as a replacement of missing teeth and tissues. They are the artificial teeth which enable normal functioning of human mouth. They are of two types – Complete & Partial.
Complete dentures or full dentures are made when all the teeth are missing, and the person needs a full set of teeth.
Partial Dentures are made for one or few missing teeth.
These dentures are custom made of acrylic material and can be removed by the patient.

What is the process of getting a new denture?

Usually in a standard type of denture it takes a few weeks and 4-5 appointments to get your denture ready.

The steps involved in the process are:
Impression taking- An impression of your gums is taken and a bite registration is done to measure how you bite.
Wax try-in is done along with measuring the jaw relation.
After this step you also get to see your denture and try in them before they are finished and acrylised.
In the last appointment the new denture is delivered to you.


1. Soak your dentures overnight in water or solution given by your dentist
2. Rinse your dentures before putting them on in the morning
3. Brush daily with soft bristles with tooth paste as prescribed by your dentist
4. Do take care of your mouth, gums, and tongue

1. Do not try and bite hard food with front Dentures
2. Do not be abrasive while brushing
3. Do not use a toothpick or pointed objects on Dentures
4. Do not drop them as they are delicate and may break if you do so
5. If they loosen, do not try to fix it on your own instead visit a dentist


1. It’s difficult to eat with Dentures on: There are no restrictions on what kind of food to eat. Initially, you might be advised to intake certain kind of diet but with time you will be able to eat whatever you wish but precautions are necessary.
2. Lifetime Solution: If not taken proper care, the dentures may not last for long. Also, over a period they may start to wear down, loosen their natural appearance and chewing ability.
3. People might know if someone is wearing Dentures: Gone are the days when they were highlighted. The material used to make dentures is such that nobody could guess that you are wearing dentures. But if they are coming to notice then it is advised to visit a dentist
4. Do not require proper care: Though artificial, dentures work exactly like your real teeth, therefore, it is extremely important to take care of dentures the way you take care of your teeth.
5. Can be repaired by self: Never ever should a person try the same. If you feel that your dentures are no longer fitting the way they should, do not try to get them fixed on your own as this may further damage your dentures.
6. No further visits to the Dentist: Your oral health does not include only your teeth but also gums, tongue, and tissues. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure everything is being taken care of. Also, he/she can examine the dentures and may advise if you need to change them.

What problems should I expect after wearing a new denture?

As with any other dental appliance, initially wearing a denture may feel quite odd, usually it feels a bit bigger in mouth. It may sometimes cause increase in saliva flow or even they may alter the speech ability sometimes. In the initial period you should avoid hot and hard food items until the tissue where the denture rest becomes used to the new teeth. You should start eating by cutting food in small pieces, and wearing the denture regularly specially in the initial days to avoid any kind of problems in future. As the time goes by, one will become habituated to the denture. This might also get u some sores in the mouth but you don’t need to worry as it will end within a few days.

Is it necessary to take out dentures at night?

Yes it is necessary for denture wearers to take off the denture at night and keep it in water. Once you take out the denture at night the supporting tissue also get a chance to rest and repair. Also when you remove the denture you can also be exposed to the beneficial anti-bacterial agents present in your saliva.

How long is a denture supposed to last?

A normal denture has an average life expectancy of 5-7 years. But it depends on various factors like it should be cleaned after every meal, should be stored in water every night. The fitting of the denture also get affected with the bone loss over the years, or any tooth shifted from its place due to missing adjacent tooth.

Will the denture affect my speech or any facial expression?

For speech in initial days there might be some difficulty in pronunciation of various words but within few days the problem will resolve as you get comfortable and habituated with the denture.

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